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Electronic Payment Options

IRS Tax Payment

To pay 1040 series taxes, extensions, amended returns, and estimated taxes.

Caution: The IRS can only correctly credit payments on a joint return that are made under the Social Security Number of the primary taxpayer. The primary taxpayer is the spouse listed first on Form 1040.

Electronic Bank Draft 

No Fees. You can look up your payment history online.

Debit or Credit Card

Credit Card Fee – 1.87% (minimum $2.50)

Debit Card Fee – $2.50

Kansas Tax Payment

To pay individual tax due, and estimated tax payments

Electronic Bank Draft (E-Check)

By Phone – 1-866-450-6490

Sign up for online account here.

Debit or Credit Card

Credit Card Fee – 2.25% (minimum $1.95)

Debit Card Fee: $3.95

Missouri Tax Payment

To pay tax due, extensions, and estimated tax payments.

Electronic Bank Draft (E-Check)

$0.50 Fee per transaction

Debit or Credit Card

Convenience Fee: 2% + $0.25

Invoice Payment Options

Pay Invoice

If you do not have a copy of your invoice, you can access and pay it through our client portal here. Please contact our office if you need assistance logging in or have questions about your account.

Disclaimer: The fee schedule and links above were verified by us as of 12/5/2022. For current fees, check the vendor’s websites.