John J. Hood, Jr., CPA

Serving personal and business needs through excellence in accounting services


Tax Consultation & Compliance

We serve our clients by working together with them to lessen their tax burden while complying with relevant Federal and State laws and regulations.  Effective planning early in the year can make a real difference and keep our clients from an April 15th surprise!  You can experience peace of mind knowing that your taxes are professionally prepared and that you aren’t missing deductions for which you may be entitled. Our clients’ taxes are electronically filed with the IRS and with the state.  You will receive confirmation that the IRS has accepted your return.  In addition to a paper copy of your returns, you will be offered an electronic copy of your tax return through our secure portal.

QuickBooks Setup and Consulting

We serve our clients by providing first-time installation, training for new or experienced users, and on-going maintenance and trouble-shooting.  We have been using QuickBooks internally and with multiple clients since the mid ’90s and we are registered as QuickBooks Pro-Advisors.

Accounting Services

We serve our clients by preparing monthly or quarterly financial statements.  Many businesses need monthly financial statements prepared by a CPA to comply with loan or franchise agreements.  These and other clients also use these statements for financial planning, including cash flow planning and tax planning.  Interim statements can also help make the year-end analysis of accounts and tax preparation process go much smoother.

New Business Formation

We serve our clients by advising them in regard to new business structures.  In the context of ever-changing tax laws it is important to have professional tax counsel to know and understand your options and how different types of businesses are taxed.  This is a service we frequently offer for new business start-ups.

Other Needs

We serve our clients in a variety of other ways as needs arise.  Whether your need is a financial projection to acquire bank financing, an analysis of your current financial statements, or some other financial need, let us know.  If your need is beyond our area of expertise, we can get you in contact with others than can help.